The Medtronic Chair in Surgical Training and Research, led by Dr. Antoni Llueca, has been chosen to become part of the Observatorio Excellentia Ex Cathedra of the Universitat de València, in the category “Good practices in conducting research and innovation activities”.

The Observatorio de Excellentia ex Cathedra of the Spanish University System (SUE) came into being with three main objectives. The first, to create a place of reference that facilitates the exchange of experiences among institutions; the second, to act as a repository that gathers the good practices of any Chair, and lastly, to disseminate innovative practices so that they can be analysed, discussed and transferred. In the 2018 call, the Medtronic Chair has been one of the 39 good practices admitted to this programme.

The aim of the course was to advance in the development of teaching and research activities in the field of surgery that allow human resources to become firmly established and lead to significant advances in this area of study and work. To achieve this, the Chair fosters professionals’ surgical training by means of courses, scientific conferences and meetings; it also works on the development of new surgical techniques, fosters research on new materials and instruments in the field of surgery and promotes surgical training in undergraduate and postgraduate university courses.

As part of the training activities carried out by the Chair during the academic year 2017/2018, four training courses have been held covering a variety of different topics: the Clinical Immersion Course in Gynaecological Cancer Surgery I and II, the Clinical Immersion Course in the Multidisciplinary Abdomino-Pelvic Oncological Surgery Unit, and the course on Cytoreductive Surgery Techniques in a Human Cadaveric Model. Additionally, two conferences and the second edition of the Uro-Oncology Workshop: Prostate Cancer have also been held. All these activities were attended by prestigious national and international professionals.



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