According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, ovarian cancer is the fourth most frequent among women, with approximately 205.000 new cases per year worldwide. It represents between 4 and 5% of female tumors.

In Spain, about 3.300 cases per year are diagnosed. The incidence in our country can be considered high, with a slow but steady rise since the 1960s.

As reflected in the infographics, most cases are diagnosed in women aged 45-75 years. Although it is the fourth most common cancer in gynecologic oncology (after breast, endometrium and cervix), it remains the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancer in Spain. This is due to the great difficulty of an early diagnosis and also because 80-85% of the patients are diagnosed in advanced stages (III and IV).

About 1.900 women die in Spain every year from ovarian cancer. Approximately 44% of patients in Spain survive over 5 years.

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