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Which are the main objectives of MEDTRONIC Chair at UJI?

The chair was created in 2016 as a pioneering initiative in the development of training and research activities in the field of surgery. The UJI and Medtronic joined together to create this Chair, which promotes surgical training through courses and scientific conferences and works on the development of new surgical techniques, new materials and instrumentation. Last year, six training sessions were held that brought together about 300 professionals. We managed to perform live surgical interventions, which were broadcast via streaming and followed by dozens of people from all over the world. Also, the foundations for the start-up of Castellón School of Cancer Surgery (CSCS) were laid.

What is Castellón School of Cancer Surgery (CSCS)?

It is a reference website in the field of oncological surgery, an academic project whose core is the Medtronic Chair of Surgical Training and Research at UJI with the Multidisciplinary Unit of Abdominopelvic Oncological Surgery (MUAPOS) of the General University Hospital if Castellón (HGUCS) as a reference centre. The web is the pivotal point for our teaching and research activities, which are developed around a team of medical professionals who share a single objective: to apply multidisciplinarity in surgery in order to obtain the best results.

What would you highlight from CSCS?

The possibility of consulting some research articles, studies, doctoral theses and medical reports through a search engine, which constitutes an important archive of our research activities. It also has a section to access all CSCS videos for free after registration.

Which will be Medtronic Chair main initiatives for 2018?

There are eight training activities scheduled, which can be found at, as well as the second edition of the Master’s Degree in Gynaecologic Oncology. The opening session will be on 23 January at UJI and will bring together the managers of the university hospitals of Castellón, as well as top academic representatives. The rest of our training actions will take place along the academic year.


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